Youth voice matters: The impact of youth work in amplifying youth participation and engagement

Discover how youth work empowers young people to become active community members, access their rights, and engage with democracy.

Youth work is instrumental in promoting active citizenship and ensuring that young people have a strong voice in their communities.

By positioning young people at the heart of the decision-making processes, we help them develop the skills and confidence needed to influence change. A recent survey revealed that 67% of young people who participate in out-of-school groups feel empowered to share their views on how activities are run, and 64% believe these adults effectively consider their opinions when making decisions.

Our initiatives provide young people with opportunities to learn about democracy and their rights, encouraging them to be active, informed citizens. Through youth councils, forums, and regular consultation sessions, youth work ensures that their voices are heard and valued. One participant noted: “My experience of decision-making as a volunteer is helping me as I make decisions in other parts of my life.”

Youth work also supports young people to become engaged with social justice and advocacy, enabling them to become change-makers in their communities. By supporting youth participation in local and national decision-making, we help cultivate a generation of engaged, informed, politically astute individuals who are ready to lead and inspire.

Youth work’s impact on participation and youth voice extends beyond individual growth. It strengthens the democratic fabric of our society, ensuring that young people are not only prepared to contribute, but also to lead the way in building inclusive, vibrant communities.