Access to Counsellors in Secondary Schools and Children and Young People’s Community Mental Health Services – Summary Reports

An analysis of information provided by local authorities on the school counselling service and community mental health supports in their area.

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Access to counselling support through secondary schools is now in place across Scotland. The Scottish Government continues to support local authority partners with £16 million in funding to ensure that every secondary school has access to counselling services.

Through the children and young people’s Community Mental Health and Wellbeing Supports and Services Framework, the Scottish Government is providing local authorities with £15 million per annum to fund community-based mental health supports for children and young people aged 5-24 (26 if care-experienced), their family members and their carers.

Over 230 new and enhanced community services are now in place across Scotland, and are operating in every local authority area. The services are focused on prevention and early intervention, and include supports for positive mental health and wellbeing as well as for emotional distress.

Latest statistics include:

Access to counsellors in secondary schools (Children and young people accessing the services)

Children and young people’s community mental health and wellbeing supports and services (Children and young people accessing the supports and services

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