“Being a young carer is not a choice; it's just what we do”

Carers Trust survey reveals devastating double whammy in Scotland of cost-of-living crisis and increasing intensity of caring responsibilities on children and young adults.

A new Carers Trust survey released recently shows the devastating double whammy of the cost-of-living crisis and the increasing intensity of caring responsibilities shouldered by children and young people providing unpaid care to family members.

The UK-wide survey of 1,109 young carers (aged under 18) and young adult carers (aged 18-25), including 181 living in Scotland, showed alarming findings, with many young people contributing to or managing the family finances. The survey found that 36% of respondents in Scotland said they always or usually face additional costs because they are a young carer or young adult carer and 66% said the cost-of-living crisis is always or usually affecting them and their family.