Building Racial Literacy

A programme for all educators interested in gaining confidence in talking about race and racism, as well as those seeking support in integrating anti-racist behaviours into their practice. Applications are open until Wednesday 19th June.

The national Building Racial Literacy programme promotes anti-racism as a baseline professional value, empowering educators to identify and implement anti-racist behaviours and processes in their everyday practice.

The ultimate goal of the Building Racial Literacy programme is to make every educator in Scotland racially literate, effective at dealing with racism and confident in leading anti-racism.

Co-constructed with a wide range of partners, including education practitioners and stakeholders on the Scottish Government Anti-Racism in Education Programme (AREP) over 300 educators and education system leaders across Scotland have taken part in the Building Racial Literacy programme during its three iterations from 2022.

Three short videos have been created to tell the programme’s story with participants from cohort 1cohort 2cohort 3 and cohort 4.

Applications for Cohorts 5 and 6 have now opened! You can apply be completing this MS Form. Applications are open until Wednesday 19th June.

If you have any questions about this programme and the application process, please see the frequently asked questions document or get in touch.