Meet the finalists: Lifetime Achievement

Fellowship of YouthLink Scotland

Commitment and outstanding service to young people and the youth work sector. When you tot it all up, the winners have dedicated hundreds of years to improving the lives of generations of young people in Scotland.

Lifetime Achievement (Fellowship of YouthLink Scotland)

Raza Sadiq (Active Life Club)

Empowering young people through sport has been the mission of Raza Sadiq for over 23 years. He is the founder of the highly successful Active Life Club (ALC), a project to promote diversity and inclusion at the heart of the community using sport as the glue to bring people together.

The club helps black and minority ethnic young people by supporting their physical, mental, and social development. It offers access to sports activities, outdoor learning, and opportunities to develop important skills for life and work.

ALC has been tackling inequalities and poverty by delivering a range of free activities and initiatives including weekly sports programmes, a youth forum, volunteers/young leaders’ recruitment and development, a parents’ forum, collaborative projects, online activities, community events and much more.

Raza’s hard work as a volunteer at Active Life Club has been key in helping young people and ALC volunteers grow and become active members of their communities.

When ALC first started, it relied on volunteers, including Raza. But thanks to his efforts, the club has been able to create jobs, which has helped it expand and continue its work. In addition to his work at ALC, he has also served on many boards and contributed to policy development, improving inclusive provision for all communities. Raza’s dedication and vision has changed the lives of thousands of children and young people, and his strong leadership has transformed Active Life Club into a hub which helps its community to prosper.

Susan Martin (The Prince’s Trust (Scotland)) Posthumous

Susan Martin’s life was dedicated to improving the lives of young people. Since joining Prince’s Trust in 2003 she made a significant impact across many pioneering programmes.

Her legacy directly influenced numerous young people and colleagues throughout Scotland. She played a pivotal role in launching The Trust’s ‘Get Into’ programme, which now operates across the organisation. This initiative assists young people facing barriers by providing access to sustainable jobs by opening doors to sectors that had before not been possible.

Susan’s passion and commitment to innovation took her across the globe. As a Short Programme Manager between 2003 and 2007, she organised creative residential programmes in Scotland and Eastern Europe, promoting confidence and empowerment through creative expression. In 2016, she travelled to Barbados as part of The Prince’s Trust International, establishing employability programmes for disadvantaged young people.

Back in Scotland, Susan broke down barriers for young people and forged partnerships with businesses such as Arnold Clark, NHS Scotland, Edinburgh College, and City of Glasgow College. These partnerships gave opportunities to countless young people, especially in male-dominated sectors like Engineering, Construction, and STEM. Susan’s determination and ambition has been recognised through multiple awards, including Manager of the Year and Team Leader of the Year at The Prince’s Trust Awards Scotland.

Tragically, Susan passed away in August 2022 after battling a long-term illness. Her dedication to supporting young people persisted until her final days. Susan’s infectious joy and enthusiasm touched everyone she encountered.

As a symbol of her spirit, Susan wore red every day, and in her honour, Trust staff wore red at her funeral and continue to do so.

Her legacy will forever be remembered and cherished.

Roz Gallacher (South Lanarkshire Council)

Roz Gallacher has left an indelible mark on the field of youth work and community learning and development throughout her career. Beginning as a volunteer and later earning her degree from Moray House of Education, Roz has made significant contributions to the sector.

At the beginning of her career, Roz’s work in Airdrie showcased her strategic leadership skills through projects like ‘Feet on the Beat.’ A partnership project with local residents and the police to address issues like knife crime and anti-social behaviour.

A great champion for youth work, Roz used the CLD inspection process in the Cambuslang area as an opportunity to advocate for the recognition and value of youth work across the council. Her efforts led to the creation of a suite of outcomes that highlighted the positive impact of youth work, culminating in the development of a comprehensive youth strategy.

She played a pivotal role in establishing the pioneering ‘Spokesperson for Youth’ position, the first of its kind in Scotland. She also formed the Corporate Connections Board, which brought together South Lanarkshire Youth Council, MSYPs, and other stakeholders to shape services for young people.

As the leader of the Youth Learning Service, Roz gained national recognition for her inspiring leadership and determination to secure investment for youth work despite tight budgets.

Roz’s impact on the youth work and CLD sector is immeasurable. She represented the sector on national groups and boards, dedicating her career to ensuring the recognition and value of youth work while providing opportunities for vulnerable young people to thrive and fulfill their potential. Her’s has been an outstanding contribution.

The Very Rev. Dr. Lorna Hood OBE

The Very Rev. Dr. Lorna Hood OBE has been an exceptional advocate for youth work in Scotland, both in her role as Chair of YouthLink Scotland since 2016 and previously as a champion for youth work in the Church of Scotland. She has also played a crucial role as Chair of Remembering Srebrenica Scotland, a charity commemorating the Srebrenica Genocide and promoting community cohesion. This has included taking delegations to Srebrenica and carrying out numerous education workshops in schools and youth work organisations.

Throughout her six-year tenure at YouthLink Scotland, she has emphasised the need for youth work to be recognised as equal partners in Scotland’s education system. She has promoted the immense value that youth work brings to thousands of young Scots on a weekly basis. Lorna’s extensive experience, personal qualities, and leadership abilities have been invaluable to the youth work sector. These include her empathy for young people and those who work with them, her commitment to involving young people in decision-making processes, her friendly and engaging manner as an ambassador for youth work, and her skills in ensuring effective governance within YouthLink Scotland.

Lorna Hood’s contribution to Scottish civic society is significant, particularly due to her passion for youth work, youth workers, and the young people they serve and support.