New Scots Refugee Integration Strategy: Delivery Plan 2024-2026

This Delivery Plan sets out the actions that the Scottish Government, COSLA and Scottish Refugee Council will take forward with partners during the period 2024 to 2026 to support the integration of refugees, people seeking asylum and other forced migrants within Scotland’s communities.

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The New Scots Refugee Integration Strategy: Delivery Plan 2024-2026 follows the publication of the New Scots Refugee Integration Strategy – 2024 and has been developed with partners and members of the New Scots Core Group using key findings from research, evaluation and the engagement with national and local third sector organisations, local authorities, community groups and New Scots.

Between November 2023 and February 2024, over 2,000 people with direct experience of seeking protection and resettling in Scotland shared their views and their priorities for the New Scots Refugee Integration Strategy and its Delivery Plan. This Delivery Plan also builds on many years of understanding of the issues and utilises practice and knowledge to address these issues gained through working with wider partners, networks and communities. The Plan outlines specific actions partners will take and when they will be undertaken.

The Delivery Plan will be reviewed annually to reflect changing context, new actions required and progress. An annual review will be undertaken by summer 2025.