SCCR Offers Professional Mediation Training

Cyrenians Scottish Centre for Conflict Resolution (SCCR) has announced that starting in early 2024 they will offer a four-day course providing training to prospective mediators.

The Mediator and Mediation Skills Training course has been accredited by Scottish Mediation. By successfully undertaking the course, participants will have completed the training requirement to be admitted to the Scottish Mediation Register.

SCCR honed its mediation skills working with families in conflict. Conflict within families remains the leading cause behind youth homelessness in Scotland. An impartial mediator who can help families to find a solution to their disagreements can play a vital role in helping to bring this figure down.

Although SCCR works with families, the mediation skills taught on the course can be used to resolve conflict in a number of situations where the ability to mediate between parties would be helpful. Sectors that could benefit from improving their mediation skills via the course include those working in education, family support, prisons, policing, and youth organisations.

There is a fee for the course which provides access to five days training delivered over four weeks – 1 half-day (online), 3 full days (in person) plus 1 assessment day (in person) – as well as a handbook, handouts, prior learning materials, and, upon course completion, a full course slide pack and attendance certification. The cost also includes light refreshments and lunch for each delegate on in-person training days.

The proceeds of this training will contribute to the work of Cyrenians, helping to reduce family conflict and relationship breakdown, while supporting best practice in mediation, conflict resolution and early intervention.

The course breaks down as follows:

Venue: Norton Park Conference Centre, 57 Albion Road, Edinburgh, EH7 5QY

Dates and Times:

It is envisaged that the course will run four times a year, once per quarter.

Attendees who participated in the course’s pilot said:

To enrol or to ask for more information, please email