School Education Statistics

Statistics on school education in Scotland, including pupil and teacher characteristics, and attainment and qualification results.

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There has been an increase in the uptake rate for school meals for the first time since 2016. The proportion of pupils taking a school meal, free or paid for, increased from 50% in 2022 to 53% in 2023. For free school meals alone, the uptake rate increased from 67% in 2022 to 70% in 2023. The largest increase in free school meal uptake rates was seen in special schools (74% to 84%), with smaller increases in primary (68% to 72%) and secondary schools (60% to 61%).

The proportion of all schools meeting the Physical Education (PE) target of at least two hours in primary and two periods (100 minutes) at secondary school in 2023 was 99%, the same as in 2022.

These statistics are sourced from ‘School Healthy Living Survey’ conducted in February 2022. This information is collected at school level. Information on free school meal registrations is also collected through the annual pupil census and published in School level summary statistics – (