Together Seeks Children and Young People’s Stories!

Together is gathering ‘stories’ from babies, children and young people to inform their State of Children’s Rights Report 2024! They’ve launched a series of resources – including a facilitator pack, child-friendly leaflets and video – to support babies, children and young people to take part.

Every year, Together publishes a State of Children’s Rights report which aims to monitor implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) in Scotland.

Together has been working closely with their members and supporters to develop a new approach for this year’s report. While previous reports have focused on evidence submitted by organisations, the 2024 report will present babies’, children and young people’s experiences of their rights – or ‘stories’ – through their own words, artwork and other means of expression.

The 2024 report will act as a baseline for their #RightsOnTrack campaign, to get a clear picture of what life is really like for children as Scotland moves to incorporate the UNCRC into law. This will help measure impact and progress until the UK and Scotland are next reviewed by the UN (in approximately 2032).

Resources to support engagement

After a period of extensive engagement with members and supporters, Together is  very excited to launch a range of resources to support babies, children and young people to get involved – either through a supportive organisation or independently.

Resources for supporting adults:

Resources for children and young people:

There are five resources for children and young people:

Submitting stories to Together

The deadline for submitting stories is 19th July 2024. They hope to launch the final report in autumn 2024.

All submissions must be accompanied by a completed consent form.

For more information, get in touch.