Scotland’s Youth Work Sector Manifesto 2022 for Local Government

Join our campaign to showcase the impact and importance of youth work, and build investment in young people.

Be part of the campaign for change. Check out how you can get involved and download our Toolkit and our manifesto #YouthWorkManifesto22.

The campaign starts on Monday 4th April and will run until polling day on Thursday 5th May.

Let’s all get the message across loud and clear about the impact of youth work.

The more noise we make, the more likely we are to see change!

We are asking all parties to stand with us and support our youth work sector at local level by delivering our three key asks.

1. A right for all young people to access youth work opportunities. 

2. Investment in youth work services. 

3. Formal recognition of the positive impact of youth work across public policy areas. 

Whatever you decide to do to promote the manifesto, make sure you tag us in your content (@YouthLinkScot) and use #YouthWorkManifesto22. We’ll share your videos, tweets and pictures across our channels.