Glasgow Life

Glasgow Life provides direct support to both Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYP) and to members of Glasgow Youth Council (GYC). Prior to lockdown, GL was to facilitate a physical Mental Health Awareness session from the suite of the NHS Healthy Minds resources to the full council members. With lockdown, the GYC was proactive in continuing to meet, moving both Executive and full council meetings online. 

The Executive members of the GYC were approached and agreed to participate in the YLS Mental Health and Wellbeing project. Permission was granted from the NHS Mental Health Improvement Team to use and adapt their existing Healthy Minds training resource for delivery online. 

Glasgow Life also developed a range of support materials and links to a range of activities, apps, helplines and websites that would support young people’s mental health and wellbeing particularly during the early stages of lockdown. 

The resource aims to reduce the stigma of stigma related to mental health and provide young people with a range of tools and techniques to help them share their experiences and manage their mental health and wellbeing.