Youth Work Week 2023

Unleash the power of youth work during National Youth Work Week 2023, from Monday 6th to 12th November. 

Sharing Youth Work's Impact

Let’s demonstrate our impact and influence through our stats and stories as we explore and demonstrate the profound impact and influence of youth work on young people, communities, and society. 

This Youth Work Week will be a platform for all of us to showcase the extraordinary impact of youth work and remind ourselves and others of its immense value.  

By demonstrating our life changing impact we will strengthen our sector, celebrate our achievements, and create lasting change for young people.  

Let’s make sure that our decision makers and funders are in no doubt about the power of youth work and the role we play in overcoming the barriers of poverty, improving mental health, making sure our young people achieve and attain, participate in society and make their voices heard.

So, let’s make a noise with our impact and show our influence by highlighting the results. It’s all about demonstrating that impact across universal and targeted youth work.  

Download our comms pack

Find out how you can get involved throughout Youth Work Week with information, tips, resources and inspiration for creating impactful content!

What Does #YWW2023 Look Like?

Strong practice examples, new initiatives, ground-breaking work, radical approaches, tried and tested, policy change work, pilot projects, peer education, research and examples of partnership working. All with impact stats, evaluation and case studies. 

We want you to share your content throughout the week showcasing the very best of your work, all through the lens of the impact it has on the young people you work with. 

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We've designed an array of campaign assets to kick-start your social media posting. Download now to start planning your content!

Five Days, Five Calls to Action

Each day we will highlight a different ask to secure the future of the youth work sector using the #InvestInYouthWork #YWW23 hashtags.

You can get involved by sharing your stories, your impact, your successes, or even your challenges and frustrations – anything goes! To help you shape your content, we’re focusing on a different theme for each day of the campaign.

Monday 6th – A right to youth work – young people have the right to access youth work as an essential part of their education. 

Tuesday 7th – Increased investment – investing in youth work is an investment in Scotland’s young people and needs to be our top priority.

Wednesday 8thAccess to spaces – ensure youth work has a right to access the school estate as part of our education system, and find a long-term solution to the lack of access to indoor community spaces. 

Thursday 9th – Policy recognition – the role of youth work written into the strategies and policies of local and national government. 

Friday 10th – Workforce for the future – Investment in the youth work workforce, paid and volunteer, to halt the decline in quality youth work services for young people.  

Contact your local politician

Use our handy step-by-step guide to contacting your local politician to raise awareness of the impact of youth work!

How to Get Involved

Youth workers are some of the most creative people out there, so we’re encouraging you to share your impact and stories in any way, shape or form you see fit! Struggling for inspiration? Check out some ideas for content you could create throughout the week, and why not kick things off by sharing some of the campaign assets we’ve created for you!

Share photographs 

Share photographs from your work with young people, you can include quotes, stats and facts about your work and how this is breaking down those barriers. 

Create video 

Grab your phone and record a short video. You could interview staff and young people, share footage of activities or share your own thoughts in a video diary style piece!


Quotes that capture young people, youth workers and organisations and why it’s youth work that makes the difference.  


Stats and facts that demonstrate positive impact.

We are always looking for your stories of impact to share, so send us a blog and we will share and feature on our website.  

Case Studies  

Case studies can be very powerful, the experience of young people and their journey.  

Reach out to your local politicians
Get in touch with your MSP, MP and local councillors and get them involved.  

Organise a special event  

It’s chance to get everyone together to celebrate your impact so why not put on an event, you might want to ask your local politicians and councillors to come along as well.  

Help Us Build Our Impact Hub

At the end of the day, youth work is all about impact. The impact on young people’s wellbeing, their happiness, their attainment, their life chances – as well as their community.

We’ve created a Youth Work Impact Hub on our website, and over time we want to populate it with the best examples of youth work changing lives. But we need your help!

You can send us any examples you have of youth work’s impact – it might be a case study, a publication, some news coverage your project received. Maybe it’s a video testimonial from young people you’ve worked with, or some research or evaluation demonstrating the impact of your youth work approach.

Whatever shape, whatever form, you can send it to us an we’ll keep on building our wall of impact so that together we can demonstrate that #YouthWorkChangesLives and keep on making that call for decision-makers to #InvestInYouthWork.

Get in touch

If you've got any questions about how to get involved with Youth Work Week - or any ideas we can include in our campaigning - get in touch and we'll be happy to help.